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The public and Congress were goaded into war on Iraq with the threats of Sadam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction. As can clearly be seen, there are no weapons of mass destruction to be found. What's more, when Sadam gassed the Kurds both the chemical weapons used and the training to operate them were supplied by the United States. While the lack of weapons found upon the invasion of Iraq has been conveniently explained away citing poor intelligence and mobile factories, the fact is that the United States government perpetrated a believable and deliberate lie against the American people. While the threat of mass destruction is an easily accepted reason for war, the real reason would not have galvanized the public to such a degree. Iraq was about to begin selling its oil for euros as well as dollars. Such a move would seriously undercut the strength of the dollar at home and abroad, and deal a crippling blow to the already haggard U.S. economy. While the livelihood of Americans is indeed important, it is unlikely the friends and family of servicemen and women would support such a war with the lives of their loved ones.

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