Realize, Resist, Revolt - Digital Resistance to Political and Cultural Manipulation and Indoctrination

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The United States government is often referred to as a two party system. This very statement highlights one of the biggest issues in U.S. politics. There are far more than two parties involved in any election, be it state or federal, however only the Democrats and Republicans manage to get a representative in office regularly. Both parties receive inordinate sums of money from private individuals and corporations that serve to fund their massive nationwide ad campaigns. Without such funding the lesser parties cannot hope to attain the voting base needed to appear in televised debates, let alone win a national election. While this in itself is highly undemocratic, it pales in comparison to the transgressions of the two great parties perpetrated for their own benefit from their corporate sponsors. In order to garner the favor of the large corporations, both parties must maintain a pro-capitalist, pro-corporate, pro-rich stance on politics. It is absolutely vital that they not lose favor with the richest segment of society in order for them to maintain their hegemony. While one of them may lose come election time, the other is guaranteed to win, keeping the rich minority in control of our nation. One leans slightly left, the other slightly right, but both have the same core of business friendly policies and corporate aid. We are not of the people, for the people; we are of the wealthy for themselves. One nation, under the dollar.

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