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In the weeks before the U.S. invasion of Iraq, U.N. weapons inspectors and the international community tried valiantly to come to a peaceful resolution. The effort was doomed from the start, as the U.S. wanted nothing to do with diplomacy, only to finish the war that Bush senior had started during his administration. While the trendy propagandistic catchphrases of weapons of mass destruction and terrorist support networks were thrown around to appease and pacify the public both here and abroad, the U.S. readied for the unprovoked invasion and occupation of a sovereign nation. The vehement and honorable French opposition to the war was openly mocked, going so far as a presidential mandate renaming french-fries and french toast as freedom-fries and freedom toast. Having not already burned enough diplomatic bridges, the U.S. proceeded to invade Iraq in spite of Germany's stern misgivings and without U.N. sanction. Clearly American diplomacy is best expressed by cruise missiles and assault rifles.

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