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Education vs. Manipulation

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These days people are constantly bombarded with information from every direction. Television and radio stream news clips and sound bytes, interrupted only by commercials and political advertisements. Even those shows that appear informative have their own agendas of increased viewership and the associated ratings and profit. Swimming in this sea of skewed information, spin-doctored accounts, and blatant propaganda it is easy to lose ones way and jump to the wrong conclusions. It is even easier to simply succumb to the constant outflow of data and accept everything your mind takes in as fact at face value. In today's age of global interconnectedness and world politics such lapses of critical thought are increasingly dangerous. It cannot be left to those few at the top to dictate what is correct and incorrect for the vast majority of society. It is even more criminal to restrict or alter the information necessary for those masses to make an informed decision. Yet that is exactly what our government, mass media, and corporate society are doing. Only by detaching ourselves from our preconceptions and the media outlets and taking an educated, informed look at the world around us can we hope to make the correct decisions in this ever changing world. Those who have educated themselves are far harder to manipulate with propaganda and half-truths.

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