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It is called the land of the free, but everything seems to have a price. In fact, the higher a price you pay for things, the more respect and admiration you receive. Movie stars and athletes are revered not only for their fame, but also for the lavish lifestyles that fame affords them. Wildly overpriced SUVs have become the status symbol of the new millennium, with every car manufacturer scrambling to cash in on this new windfall, regardless of the socio-economic and ecological repercussions. Yes, in America it even costs money to be healthy. While most first world countries realize that healthcare is a basic human right to be provided socially, we feel the profit generated by our hospitals and doctors' practices are just too lucrative to pass up. Money is so important to us that we will even export our manufacturing to third world counties for cheaper labor, regardless of the collapsing U.S. job market. But are these savings passed on to the consumer? Of course not, they just add to a greater profit margin and larger year-end bonuses for the multi-billionaire company executives. And as ENRON recently showed, the bottom line is more important than anything, including honest accounting and the livelihood of your employees. Yes, America truly is one nation, under the dollar.

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