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Homeland Security

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In the wake of 9/11 homeland security became a topic of utmost importance. However, instead of securing the homeland, offensive actions were taken against countries abroad. Instead of working to patch up the foreign relations nightmares that led to the attack by Al Queda, it was decided to head out guns blazing. It is precisely this attitude that led to the terrorist acts in the first place. Here, we moved from the land of the free to the land of suspicion. Now you can be held without bail or notification of your crime, and tried without counsel before a military tribunal, all for ‘acting suspicious.’ Heavily armed guards, and concrete emplacements appeared before government buildings, and a color-coded system of terror alerts was hastily created, but these serve better to frighten and worry the public than protect them or inform them of danger. Still, as long as the public is frightened they will vote more money for defense. Money spent to finance and expand our various military footholds around the globe.

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