Realize, Resist, Revolt - Digital Resistance to Political and Cultural Manipulation and Indoctrination


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The United States is often touted as the fattest country in the world. Much of this can be blamed on the sedentary lifestyle of the average American, and much of that lifestyle can be blamed on television. In addition to promoting laziness and obesity American television inculcates stereotypes, consumerism, materialism, violence, and fear. News programs focus on violence and terror, commercials equate money and happiness, and movies show violence and destruction as viable answers to problems. People sitting in front of the television do not take the time to evaluate what is occurring on the screen before them, they only sit and absorb; passive sponges soaking up spin-doctored accounts and sitcom solutions as unabashed truth. A society basing its decisions upon information and results shown on television is a society wildly and dangerously misinformed. A supreme effort must be made to pry Americans away from the television; to get them to seek out and evaluate their own experiences and information instead of being force-fed the status quo from a cathode ray tube.

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