Realize, Resist, Revolt - Digital Resistance to Political and Cultural Manipulation and Indoctrination


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Capitalism and consumerism are quickly becoming the religion of the American masses. Television programs in which people do increasingly immoral and insane acts for large sums of money have become wildly popular. Spurred on by television, both in commercials and in the values held by the characters in the programs themselves, happiness is rapidly being redefined as buying power. The major corporations, more than happy to take the public's money in exchange for ‘happiness,’ gleefully egg on this paradigm shift. Corporations resort to sub-subsistence wages in third world countries while cooking the books at home in order to make greater and greater profits while supplying the public's insatiable thirst for new material goods. This god of currency is a dark and evil one, serving only to cheapen life while shackling America to the false hope of material happiness.

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