Realize, Resist, Revolt - Digital Resistance to Political and Cultural Manipulation and Indoctrination

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Education Prevents Manipulation Political Prisoners Who Owns You? Pro-War Rally Two Faces, One Card Money Drives the Media
American Idol War & Peace Inequality Destroys Democracy American Diplomacy American Idle Who's Next?
Truth? Land of the Free Weapons of Mass Destruction Terrorist Support Network Homeland Security [◊]
The Propaganda series urges viewers to contemplate and evaluate the information they receive before accepting it as the truth; to question authority and the decisions made by those in power; to become an active participant and producer of thought as opposed to a passive receptacle for broadcast hype. The message is conveyed using a simple and direct visual language resulting in pieces that are easy to interpret and have immediate impact. In addition, animated pieces use audio/visual exclamation points to drive the message home. The purpose of this series is its message. If you agree with this message you can aid in its spread. All images in this series are public domain and I encourage you to download and distribute using the links on each piece's information page. The downloadable PDF & SWF differ slightly from the original as I have included my url to aid in the virulent dissemination of this work and its message.
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