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Own You

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Advertising and television show happy smiling people decked out in the latest designer fashions driving brand new SUVs to eat out at the latest semi casual chain restaurant. The implied moral is that without the newest and best products you have no hope of living a happy life. American consumerism has reached astonishing proportions, with a product to cure any and all woes and ailments your life may contain. People are encouraged not to think about their problems, but to purchase an item or medication that will fix it for them. Hundreds of thousands of man-hours are spent to allow the purchase of that name brand item over its generic counterpart. Without the hippest newest clothing and accessories one's social standing is placed in jeopardy. Nowadays more than ever people are convinced they are what they own. This attitude not only cheapens life and free time, but further entrenches multinational corporations and their illegal and inhumane methods of cutting costs for a higher profit margin.

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