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In the years following WWII a nation for the Jewish faith was created in their ancestral homeland. While this was indeed a noble gesture following the horrors many endured under the Nazi party during the war there was more to it than appeared at face value. The land set aside for Israel was unfortunately the homeland and holy land of another group of people, the Palestinians. An entire nation of people was summarily driven from its land and homes for the creation of the new country of Israel. While neighboring Arab countries were vehemently opposed to this invasion, the United States immediately recognized Israel as a nation followed closely by Great Britain, and both began supplying arms and training. Over the next 60 years Israel continued to expand in a series of wars, financed and armed by their foreign allies. Through the machinations of our mass media, Israel has come to be accepted as the victim of a ruthless terrorist campaign by the Palestinians. The fact that they are fighting merely to gain back the homes and holy land that were rightfully theirs is conveniently glossed over. Palestinian suicide bombers and the carnage wreaked by them upon civilians in Israeli marketplaces are commonly shown on the nightly news. What isn't shown are U.S. supplied Cobra helicopter gunships firing volley after volley of missiles into civilian Palestinian warehouses and communities, the thousands of Palestinians held without trial in Israeli prisons, and the Israeli settlements forever expanding into Palestinian land. While the U.K. ceased arms sales to Israel after the invasion of Lebanon, the U.S. is quite willing to ignore Israeli terrorism and its direct part in said undertakings for the foothold in the oil-rich Middle East Israel provides it. And now we wage war on even more of the Middle East in our so-called ‘war on terror,’ all the while hiding the hypocrisy from our own people.

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