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War and Peace

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The United States portrays itself to its people as the savior of the rest of the world, sending ‘peacekeeping missions’ to Kosovo and ‘freeing’ Iraq. Regardless of the catchy names the government labels these actions with, the fact remains they are military actions that would not be carried out unless it was for the gain of America, either strategically or financially. While our wars in the name of peace make national headlines every single day the campaign ensues, our other exploits garner far less attention. The fact we supplied arms, training, and financial support to both Afghanistan and Iraq, our direct and indirect support for the overthrow of various democratically elected rulers in favor of U.S. supporting dictators, and our blatant flouting of worldwide regulations on nuclear, chemical and biological arms production and stockpiling. Yes, these and other shameful facts are there to be found, but they are buried behind the constant stream of propaganda and spin-doctored reports provided by the mass media. In the wake of 9/11 and the ensuing patriot acts even mentioning these facts or otherwise questioning the integrity of our country or its government is met with hostility and possibly imprisonment. Behind the façade of peace and freedom the U.S. hides its nuclear threat and capitalist greed. Now that the propaganda machine is in full swing and jingoism is at its height it is more necessary than ever for the people of this country to search out the whole truth. Our future as a free nation depends upon it.

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